I loved a recent trip to Jamaica for a friends birthday party. It was so special to be traveling again. As always, I love learning about the culture when I travel. I recently learned that Rastafarians were some of the first vegans. At every meal the  vegetables were always the tastiest things on the menu! The music is also some of my favorite easy listening. It's always a crowd pleasure, a mood lifter, and easy to dance to, in my opinion. We stayed at a hotel called Goldeneye. It had the villa Ian Flemming wrote all the James Bond novels. It was so cool! I hope you enjoy these photos from the trip! 

About to land in Jamaica!

The view outside my room!

We had lunch here one day and it was so magical! 

This was a little hangout above the ocean, perfect for suntanning! 

This was how we got in the water from our room! It was a bit rocky so I really had to commit and jump farther out. 

A perfect spot for a hammock next to my room! 

I love how these orchids grew from the trees, such a beautiful touch. They don't naturally grow here but when placed they really thrive! 

Fresh coconut water was one of the highlights on the trip!

This was how they presented the menu, it changed every day! 

This is the room I stayed in, it had the best view of the ocean! 

This was the desk that Ian Flemming wrote all the James Bond books. Over the course of 10 years he wrote a total of 12 books! Apparently he would shut all the blinds and write all day and then come out for dinner and party with his friends. 

The entrance to the Ian Flemming Villa.

The bar was covered in white orchids and palms. 

I love a long table like this. 

Party time! 

These pineapples smelled amazing.

The birthday boy who made it all happen!

The name of our Villa was called Strangeways, a character in the James bond novel, Dr. No. 



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