I normally get a chance to source fabric in LA 3-4 times a year but 2020 was a difficult year to do so. I was so excited to be back in downtown LA and back sourcing with my vendors. I started the trip in Laguna and then made my way to LA. My sister, mom, and I rented a house in Topanga Canyon, just above Malibu. It was so beautiful. Only 30 minutes away from LA and you're surrounded in nature. It felt so good to be back!

The most amazing views from the hotel! 

Organic gardens with ocean in the back. Does it get any better?

 The orange flowers are called Nastariums, they are edible and their leaves go great in a salad!

My yorkie, Salsa, enjoying the smell of room service!

Another view from the hotel, I couldn't help myself!

The lobby hotel had a fire place going the whole time I was there which was so nice.

Finally made it to Topanga! There are so many good hiking trails. 

My trip to LA's fabric district

So many options it can be overwhelming. 

The fabric rolls can be tough to get to! 

Always an adventure!

This is how they count the yards of fabric at the end! 

Salsa at the house we rented in Topanga. She loved the sun from the windows. 

The house didn't have a TV but had so many good books.

The clouds rolling into the canyon felt so surreal! 


The end! 


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