How to Dress for College Class

  • Here are some tips for dressing for class:
  • Simple, yet effortlessly stylish
  • Leggings, jeans, and skirts are must-haves, as are simple tanks/tees, and a good jean jacket.
  • Always have a good pair of fashion sneakers on hand. While some are pricey, they are very much worth it. They go with every outfit from leggings to casual dresses, and they are comfortable enough to walk all over campus in.
  • Simple, lightweight sweaters will be your savior. There are days, especially here in Dallas, where the weather is unpredictable. Pack a cute, light, sweater in your bag in case your sunny day turns breezy.** (Sweaters also instantly dress up tank tops paired with leggings/jeans/jean shorts)
  • **Same goes for scarves. Have one on hand during fall/winter.
  • BH pairings:
  • ALETA TOP - BLACK BAMBOO (with jeans/jean shorts/skirt/leggings)
  • ALETA TOP - BLACK SILK (with jeans/jean shorts/skirt/leggings)
  • POLKA DOT TOP (with jeans/jean shorts/skirt/leggings)
  • ALETA TOP - LINEN (with jeans/jean shorts/skirt/leggings)
  • LULU FRINGE SKIRT (with sweater or cute t-shirt)
  • DIANE SHORT IN WHITE/BLUE STRIPE (with cute t-shirt and jacket/sweater or pair with oversized sweater + fashion tennis shoes or sandals)


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